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Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

17 October 2020

Wedding Checklist

Congratulations on your engagement – now it’s time for the fun bit! Yes, we said fun not stressful, because with our wedding checklist there’s no need to worry about missing a trick.

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

Planning your wedding should be enjoyable, so we’ve pulled together a simple way to organise your time and your wedding planning in order to maximise the fun and reduce the stress.

Our ultimate wedding to-do list consists of 30 steps to help you on your journey to planning the day of your dreams! You can even download a FREE printable copy here and use it to ensure you’re on the right track or keep it in your wedding planner – if you don’t have one of these yet, check out our luxury gold embossed planner for all your organisational needs.

Keep reading for some amazing tips on how to plan a wedding to remember – don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

9 – 12 Months Before

  • SET A BUDGET – It takes most people around a year to plan a wedding day, and one of the first things you need to agree on is how much cash you can afford to spend. Cook a nice dinner, open a bottle of wine and have an honest conversation about how much you can both chip in including parental donations and money already saved.
  • GATHER STYLE INSPIRATION – Spend a little time creating some mood boards and browsing Pinterest for some wedding ‘inspo’ and it will become clear what style of wedding is the one for you and your partner. Plus, it makes supplier decisions a lot easier when you know what you’re going for!
  • PICK A DATE – Maybe you have a special date in mind, or maybe you need to pick a Saturday that doesn’t collide with an important football game but whatever your thought process, picking your wedding date is best done early on.
  • RESERVE YOUR WEDDING VENUE – From rustic barns and open fields, to beaches, castles, churches and hotels, there’s so many different beautiful locations to host a wedding so wherever you choose, we’re sure it’s set to be magical. The sooner you pick and reserve your wedding venue, the easier the rest of your planning will be. Just make sure you think about location, capacity, cost and general visual appeal – for the photographs, of course.
  • CREATE A GUEST LIST – Now your venue is booked, you know how many friends and family you can invite- phew! Try to keep it ‘Even Stevens’ between your two families and for work colleagues or old friends who don’t quite make the cut for the ceremony, explore having an extra list for the evening-do.
  • SEND OUT SAVE THE DATES – You want to make sure that your best friend isn’t about to go book a holiday on your big day, so save the dates are an essential step.
  • GET WEDDING INSURANCE! – Not the most exciting of tasks but definitely the most practical, wedding insurance means you have one less thing to worry about. From the moment you start spending on your special day (including your honeymoon) you can have peace of mind that you’re covered if anything goes wrong.
  • CHOOSE YOUR SUPPLIERS – FROM PHOTOGRAPHER TO FLORIST – There’s a great deal of external suppliers involved in making your wedding run smoothly and be a day to remember. You’ve got caterers, bands, DJ’s, photographers and videographers & florists, just to name a few. Start picking and booking them in the first few months of planning so you know you’ll be able to use your favourites on your date of choice.
  • PICK YOUR ‘BRIDE TRIBE’ AND BEST MEN – Having the right people by your side on one of the biggest days of your life is essential, right? It’s best to pick your bridesmaids, best men, ushers and usherettes early on so they can get excited (and help in all the planning and manual labour!)

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

6 – 9 months Before

  • PLAN YOUR HEN AND STAG NIGHTS – Things you need for a wedding? A great hen and stag do is a good place to start! Celebrate finding the love of your live with your best friends and family through lots of fun and dancing wherever your heart desires.
  • GET YOUR WEDDING DRESS, BRIDESMAID DRESSES AND GROOMS WEAR – Dress shopping with your nearest and dearest is one of the more fun tasks when it comes to planning a wedding. Keep in mind the times for delivery of your dress and for alterations, alongside matching up your bridesmaids’ colour palate with your grooms’ men!
  • BUY YOUR SHOES AND ACCESSORIES – It’s important you get your shoes and accessories in good time before you have your final dress fitting as the height you will be on the day alongside what you want in your hair or around your neck is crucial to envisage the final look.
  • ORDER AND SEND YOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS – You’ve already sent out your save the dates, but now it’s time to send the official invites so people can RSVP. Have a browse through our selection of gorgeous personalised wedding invites to make the decision easier.
  • ARRANGE CAKE TESTING’S AND ORDER YOUR WEDDING CAKE – Another one of the more fun tasks, cake testing! Whether you go for three-tiers or something more understated, make sure your wedding cake is absolutely delicious and good-looking, too.
  • BOOK YOUR HONEYMOON! – And make sure it’s somewhere extra special so you can look forward to some R&R as newlyweds!

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

2 – 6 Months Before

  • CREATE A GIFT LIST AND ORDER OF SERVICE – Make sure you send your gift list out to all your guests (the easiest way to do this is just to upload it to your wedding website if you have one). Drafting up your orders of service will also mean everything runs smoothly and you and your guests know what’s coming at all times during the ceremony.
  • BUY YOUR WEDDING RINGS – Another fun thing that you and your partner can do together is buy your wedding rings. Double check that they are the right size and will fit well with your engagement ring.
  • BOOK HAIR AND MAKEUP – DON’T FORGET A TRIAL RUN – Speak to a few different makeup artists and hairdressers and do a few trial runs to ensure you’re going to love what you look like on your big day!
  • COLLECT RSVP’S AND MAKE YOUR TABLE PLANS – Enlist the help of your maid of honour or best men to help you create, cross reference and make your table plan. Top tip: double check you’ve spelt everyone’s name right before investing in a beautiful table seating plan sign.

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

1 Month Before

  • FINISHING TOUCHES – Sort out all the little bits you’ve been meaning to all year, such as wedding favours and place name cards. Be however quirky and original as you want, this is where you can inject even more personality to your day.
  • GET A MARRIAGE LICENCE – No wedding ceremony can take place without getting a marriage licence first. They only tend to last a couple of months, so we’ve put this towards the end of the list.
  • PICK A WEDDING PARTY PLAYLIST – Your night do wouldn’t be complete without a playlist of you and your wife or husbands’ favourite songs. Set aside a night to take a trip down memory lane and pick out your favourites for a cracking party-playlist. You could always make a Spotify playlist.
  • ARRANGE AND ATTEND FINAL FITTINGS – Your wedding day checklist can only come to an end with the final fittings tick! Check your dress, suit or whatever your wearing fits you perfectly and you’re good to go.
  • HAVE YOUR BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Waxing, haircuts, eyelash extensions, fake tan or none of the above. Just don’t forget to have them if you want them.
  • WRITE YOUR WEDDING VOWS AND SPEECHES – Write from the heart and inject a little humour then practice, practice, practice makes perfect!
  • CONFIRM THE WEDDING ARRANGEMENTS WITH YOUR SUPPLIERS – Firm up everything with your external suppliers to avoid any mishaps in dates or times. Split the list between the two of you and celebrate afterwards, you’re almost there!
  • CREATE A BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT – Get your maid of honour to carry the kit for you on the day and include things like your lipstick, tissues, paracetamol and anything else you think you might need. We suggest popping in plasters and a mini deodorant, too.
  • FIND ‘SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW, SOMETHING BORROWED, SOMETHING BLUE’ – Follow this lovely tradition to bring you luck on your special day.
  • ATTEND YOUR WEDDING REHEARSAL – On the day or two before the big day it’s always a good idea to have a practice run so everyone knows what they’re doing. If you can team this with a nice pre-wedding dinner, then everybody wins!

Strivee - Wedding Checklist UK: An ultimate guide to planning a wedding

Relax, you made it and it’s going to be an amazing day you will remember for the rest of time. Today is the first day of the rest of your lives together, and now there’s only one thing left on the list for you, and that’s to say, ‘I do’! ♥

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